Heal Thy Self Today is now offering product for sale to assist you in being well. All of the following products are available for purchase at their wellness center.

Heal Thy Self Today Products:

  • Essentials oils by Snow Lotus essential oils by Snow Lotus
    - Selection varies
  • Sombra
    - Topical pain relief for joint & muscle pain
  • Traumeel
    - An effective, natural treatment that relieves musculoskeletal conditions – pain and inflammation in the back, neck, knee, foot, wrist and other joints
  • Supplements
    - Emerson ecologics, Omega 3 fish oil, 303 muscle relaxers, and more
  • Titanium diskshome made bath salts
    - Phiten's patented Energy Transport System (ETS) enables the body to realize its maximum potential. Phiten's unique technology helps to reduce fatigue, tension and stiffness caused by stress or exercising.
  • Lotions
    - All hand made with hypoallergenic lotion, oils, and fragrances. Scents vary. Also available in non-scented.
  • Bath Salts
    - All hand made, scents vary. Upon request, we can create special scents